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Security Books

Windows NT Security Handbook

Everything you need to know to protect your network, includes couverage of "Catapult", the Microsoft Security Framework, electronic commerce and secure transactions and offers hidden tricks for securing your entire networks.

Tom Sheldon

ISBN: 0-07-882240-8

Price: $34.99 US

Windows NT Security Guide

A Survival Guide for Safeguarding Your Windows NT System and Its Networks.

Stephen A. Sutton, Trusted Systems Services, Inc.

ISBN: 0-201-41969-6

Price: $29,95 US

Sicherheit unter Windows NT 4.0 (only in german language)

Sicherheitsmanagement für Unternehmensnetze

Andreas Zenk

ISBN: 3-8273-1197-7

Price: DM 79,90

Internet Security with Windows NT Mark Joseph Edwards

ISBN 1-882419-62-6

Windows NT Security : A Practical Guide to Securing Windows NT Servers and Workstations (McGraw-Hill Ncsa Guides) Charles B. Rutstein

ISBN: 0070578338

Microsoft Windows NT 3.5 : Guidelines for Security, Audit, and Control (Microsoft Professional Editions) Microsoft Press Publication

ISBN: 1556158149