Service Manager NT

Copyright 1997-1999 Falk Schmal and Torsten Sprejz

Last Updated May 12, 1999, Version 1.5


Service Manager NT is a Windows NT Services Administration Utility. Its purpose to adminstrate service across the whole domain if you have the rights! Service Manager NT is a very useful utility for Network Manager, Advanced Users and Software Developers.

Note: You can look for service properties without being an administrator!


Just copy SvcMgr onto your executable path, and type "svcmgr.exe" or start it with doubleclick on the icon

Service Manager NT has been tested on NT 3.51 and NT 4.0.

Service Manager benefits

  • Start, Stop, Pause and Continue service

  • Get a lot of information about any services without admin access

  • Edit service properties

  • Edit service dependencies

  • Remove services

  • administer services across the domain

  • Multiple language support (English, German, Netherland, Swenska, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Austria)

Sample Screenshot

Here is a screenshot of Service Manager NT .



  • first public release (thanks 2 Karsten)

08/10/1997 Beta 1

  • solve some problems with language support (thanks 2 Artur Oliveira)

  • some little changes on GUI

  • work on 3dr PropertyPage (still under construction - there is no saving the properties in Page 2 and 3)

09/19/1997 Beta 2

  • now disabled services cannot started

  • new icon for disabled services

  • change some small things on 2nd and 3rd PropertyPage

  • better language support

  • support for error messages

  • better error management

09/22/1997 Beta 3

  • the Service Display List would not be reset to the beginning of the list after each operation that is performed on a service (Thanks 2 Ted Schlinker)

  • internal rework at the access right management

10/27/1997 Beta 4

  • new optimized GUI

  • now you can reach all attainable domains and their computers

  • "Restart" Button

12/22/1997 Release 1.0

  • new optimized propertypages for dependecies

  • full working service dependencies

  • if you logon onto a computer you can choose users from the userlist

  • rename the executabel from srvmgr.exe to svcmgr.exe because the Server Manager from Microsoft has the same executable name

  • hyperlink to the NT Tools Website in About Dialog

  • internal code rework (prepared for Pro Version)

  • complete language support for german and english

  • help file

12/22/1997 Release 1.1

  • problem solved with machines that network support not properly installed

  • update help file

08/01/1998 Release 1.2

12/01/1998 Release 1.21

  • Translated to Dutch by Casus Software Development

15/01/1998 Release 1.22

  • small internal code rework

22/01/1998 Release 1.23

  • now people from Austria and Switzerland can use Service Manager NT in german language

08/02/1998 Release 1.3

  • now you can input the name or the IP-address of a computer in the edit filed computer with following comvention: \\name or \\

13/02/1998 Release 1.31

  • better support HTML Help

  • new default language is english

04/04/1998 Release 1.4

  • SplashScreen

  • Samba boxes now filtered (Thanks to Frank Heyne)

  • Credits-Window in About Dialog

  • italian translation by Perlini Benucci Sandro

  • braziliantranslation by Marcus Vinicius Neves

04/16/1998 internal Release 1.41

  • internal code rework

  • test for greek and france translation

04/22/1998 Release 1.42

  • greek translation by Elias Karakoulakis

  • france translation by Henri Bouhadana

06/30/1998 Release 1.43

  • russian translation by Denis Barmenkov

  • some small internal cosmetic changes

05/12/1999 Release 1.5

  • adapt the gui to the new NT Tools layout

  • some cosmetic internal changes

More Information

You can find more information in the documentation.

The latest compiled HTML Help file you can download here ...

Plans for the future

Service Manager NT is actually a fully Freeware Version. In this version of Service Manager NT we will stop the work (or not ;)

This tool will become to a Professional Version for people supporting the development of Service Manager NT with more than "good words" ;-).

Download Service Manager NT (343 KB)

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