Copyright 1997-1999 Thomas Holz and Falk Schmal

Last Updated January 05, 1998, Version 1.0


The Microsoft DevStudio Version 5 is not able to grep the message tables from a file. GrepMsgTbl reads this message tables and stores it into a file or to stdout.

This tool is freeware!


Just copy GrepMsgTbl onto your executable path, and type "grepmsgtbl".

GrepMsgTbl has been tested on NT 4.0.


usage: grepmsgtbl [Source File] > [Destination File]

The Source File is normaly the file stored the message table and the destination File is the Textfile.

How it works

Each event sources should register message files that contain description strings for each event identifier, event category, and parameter. These files are registered in the EventMessageFile, CategoryMessageFile, and ParameterMessageFile registry values for the event source.

Each logfile can contain subkeys called event sources. The event source is the name of the software that logs the event. It is often the name of the application, or the name of a subcomponent of the application, if the application is large. Applications and services should add their names to the Application logfile. Device drivers should add their names to the System logfile. The structure is as follows:

The application provides its name when it opens the event log using the RegisterEventSource function.

Each event source contains information specific to the software that will be logging the events, such as the message files, as shown in the following table.

Registry Value Description
EventMessageFile Specifies the path for the event message file.
CategoryMessageFile Specifies the path for the category message file.
ParameterMessageFile Specifies the path for the parameter message file.
CategoryCount Specifies the number of event categories supported.
TypesSupported Specifies a bitmask of supported types.

When an application uses the RegisterEventSource or OpenEventLog function to get a handle to an event log, the event-logging service searches for the specified event source in the registry.

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