Copyright 1998-1999 Falk Schmal

Last Update: 12 May 1999, Version 1.1


This is a small tool i wrote some time before and found it during a clean up of my projects. PWFind makes passwords visible from application which use the Windows edit filed with the "password flag". Drop the cross over the edit field and you will see the password in the edit box of PWFind. Please use this tool carefully. It should shown the weaknesses from Windows applications. Do not misuses this utility!

This program is freeware. As such, we give no warranty to its accuracy, fitness for any particular use, effects of use, or reliability. It may be freely distributed, although it must be distributed with all original files in their original format intact. Please contact the author, Falk Schmal, at the email addresses with questions, comments, bug-reports or any updates you make to the program.


Just copy pwfind.exe onto your executable path, and type "pwfind.exe" or start it with doubleclick on the icon.

PWFind has been developed and tested on NT 4.0 but i think it will also run under Win9x.


Here is a screenshot from PWFind.


04/08/1999 Release 1.0

  • first public release

Download PWFind (114 KB)

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