Visual Netinfo

Copyright 1996-1999 Falk Schmal and Torsten Sprejz

Last Updated August 02, 1999, Version Preview 3


Visual Netinfo is a Windows NT diagnostic tool which can provide several information from all attainable computers of all attainable domains.

The Scanning of the network tree was much improved. Now netinfo will scan at first the domains and if you choose a nt box, this computer will be scanned. So the long scanning times wil be much shorter!


Just copy netinfo.exe onto your executable path, and type "netinfo" or start it with doubleclick on the icon

Visual Netinfo has been tested on NT 3.51 and NT 4.0.


The default behavior of Visual Netinfo is to show information like:

  • all computers across the domain

  • if you have the rights, information about all computers at other attainable domains

  • rule of the computer, additional informations

  • server transports

  • services

  • devices

  • sessions

  • drives

  • local groups

  • global groupsuser modals

  • many information about users

  • network statistics

  • open files

  • shares

Attention: Now much improved scan handling!!

Short Help:

- the scanning the network is now much faster than the older preview

- better icons for several machine types:

  • Microsoft Network

  • Netware Network

  • other Networks

  • domain or workgroup

  • Windows NT: Primary Domain Controller

  • Novell Netware Server

  • Windows NT Server

  • NT Backup Controller

  • Windows NT Machine

  • Windows 95 Machine

  • unknown Machine or no access right for the scan

  • UNIX Machine (also Samba Server)

Plans for the future

Visual Netinfo is

The work at Visual Netinfo will be suspend. We look at Netinfo in the case from a technology study to learn something about the interna from Windows NT.

We thanks all the people how given us hints, bugs and others. But now we say: there comes definitly no new functions.

Sample Screenshot

Here is a sample screenshot of Visual netinfo.


Important!!! If you will email us some suggestions, bug or whatever about netinfo, please put into the subject of our mail the following term: [NETINFO] If you forget this, you will not recieve an answer!!

Download Visual Netinfo Preview (276 kB)

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